Of Fred Flintstone & God

Soul Snacks 199/12 ... Of Fred Flintstone & God

There comes a time (usually silent in its creep) when history requires correction. For instance it took a century for the scientific community to acknowledge that the brontosauarus had never existed but was simply an apatosaurus. (I wonder if Fred Flintstone ever realised that the drag-line he drove each day at work in the quarry was not as it had been named? Yep - Fred Flintstone sure was historical fiction.)

So without a murmur or even a whisper God arrives too, to correct the deadly fiction of our lives with His life-giving facts:

Faith makes the weak strong.

Jesus seeks those others rejects.

Those not worthy of earth are found worthy of heaven.

Those who exist in deserts have a mansion in heaven.

Those who are unseen by man are always seen by God.

To the righteous whose lives are littered with ill-will, condemnation and injustice - Jesus gives grace, approval and vindication.

Correct the world's history to you today:

When your past keeps calling, don't answer - it has nothing new to say. ~ Sherry Bruner

Today's Soul Snippet:

God's unchangeability is man's protection.