The Flame of Love

Soul Snack 173/11 ... The Flame of Love

Is your heart cold within you?

Do you cry for the flame of love, the place of trust or the touch of affection?

Do you long for the Lord with a desire deeper than the oceans and higher than the clouds?

Does your heart ache when you are absent from His presence?

Do you bleed to receive graciousness and the softness of affirmation?

Is that flame of love all but extinguished - is it no more than a mere smoldering wick?

There is a promise to hold you upright and a vision to keep you moving:


A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. (Is 42:3a)


Your eyes will see the king in his beauty, (Is 33:17a)

It can be difficult to grasp the feelings of God's love - some do, others don't, nevertheless it is real.

It just may be far easier to believe in it, focus upon it and allow it to draw you forward to the day when you will see His beautiful face. Permit nothing of earth to ever rob you of that joy, not even flickering love.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Love liberates but the law cripples.