The journey to love

Soul Snack 188/11 ... The journey to love

Thin, almost to the point of emaciation this middle-aged lady ascended the steps to the beach that I was descending. I failed to catch her eye and my small smile of courtesy evaporated into the sea-mist filled air.

These steps led to a turning circle at the end of a large and almost uninhabited verdant camping ground.

When I returned from my beach amble I witnessed a saddening sight. The gaunt lady who had missed my smile had also erected her tent within the overgown weed-infested center of the turning circle. She preferred the weeds to the lush grass. She chose total isolation to a sparsely populated camping ground.

WHY, was my immediate response?

The reply - almost as instant as the question. With the avoidance of my previous smile and now the avoidance of people (no matter how few) her actions indicated this was a lady who enjoyed ease away from people rather than with them. She had chosen isolation ahead of other's presence. I then guessed she may have received much hurt and still carried much pain across her years. It was just safer for her alone.

As I returned to my own campsite I observed her attending to a very small dog. I prayed that this was not her sum of friends.

I now wonder if her journey of life was the journey so many other face - the journey to learn that you are lovable.

The Lord your God takes great delight in you. (Zeph 3:17)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus cups His torn hands to warm your worn heart.