Of Pilgrims and Pioneers - B

SOUL SNACK 3/14 … Of Pilgrims & Pioneers - B

Pilgrims and pioneers cross unchartered lands, ford raging rivers and defeat wild animals. They have a heart to conquer and a mind to finish. You too can pursue such victories in 014 and:

  • only store up good things in your heart that you may overflow well ~ Mt 12:34-35, Lk 6:45
  • shine in righteousness and lead many to righteousness ~ Dan 10:12
  • learn and live in the contentment of Jesus ~ 1 Tim 6:6
  • desire the Holy Spirit daily to pour over you ~ Eph 5:18
  • be alert to temptation ~ Lk 22:40
  • not sin today ~ Jn 8:11
  • seek His purity and humility ~ Dan 10:12 and
  • desire for Jesus to increase and for you to decrease ~ Jn 3:30.

Your identity as a pioneer may never become a Wikipedia entry, you probably will never have a red carpet rolled out for you, or watch your name illuminated in neon lights - but your name IS in the Book of Life.

The day WILL arrive for a divine welcome party, and then you will hear:

well done my good and faithful servant ... come and share your master's happiness. (Matt 25:23)

This one sentence alone ensures all that you attempt for the Lord 2014 will be wothwhile.

Today's Soul Snippet:

There is no strength of muscle if there is first no strength of mind.

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