Of Pilgrims and Pioneers - A

SOUL SNACK 2/14 … Of Pilgrims & Pioneers - A

New Year continues (and I suspect always will be) the place for pilgrims and pioneers. It invites plans to new places and thoughts of the exotic.

The New Year presents a season to enter untravelled territory, to read unseen signposts. As each New Year arrives the sober examine their previous successes, lament their losses and learn from their failures. Through this self-auditing the pilgrim will travel to fresh countries, and the pioneer will greet new faces.

Would you pioneer the path this year to:

  • be closer to Jesus ~ Jer 30:21
  • know God alone and to remove all distractions to this end ~ Ps 46:10 ·
  • desire for God's will to prosper longer than your will does ~ Is 53:10, Jn 5:19
  • be in a place of growing dependence on Jesus, that you may bear permanent fruit for Him ~ Jn 15:16
  • know and deliver the words of comfort for the weary and burdened ~ Is 50:4
  • be only a speaker of words for grace & mercy, removing all condemnation, criticism and bitterness from your speech ~ Eph 4:29 and
  • know your spiritual enemies (hindrances to growth)?

Pilgrims and pioneers are always honored as adventurers.

Enjoy a different adventure with Jesus this year. Who knows someone may even be watching you and seek to also walk your path?

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (Is 55:6)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Beaten paths are for beaten people." ~ David Livingstone

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