Songs of the heart

Soul Snack 197/11 ... Songs of the heart

Last night my daughter and I energetically rocked to the songs of icon Oz pub rock band Cold Chisel. The music was not too loud and the night not too late, well not almost.

Their signature tunes and ear-numbing lyrics belted my brain for far longer than the two hour performance - hmm ... after three decades they are also imprinted on my heart.

What are the imprint songs of your heart? What resonates in your spirit and cascades across your soul? There may be no lyrics to these songs, they could be simply instrumentals. My suspicion is that we also have songs within that have never been played on guitar, nor ever will. Such songs of the heart are the music that awakens our soul when in solitude - maybe I could call them The Symphonies of Solitude.

Where does your heart fly to when you are on your own? Do you kneel and pour out thanks? Do you recline and empty the mind? Do you appeal to God's throne for your deepest needs? Do you plead for the well-being of others or bless your father in heaven with unrestrained praise?

The songs of the heart are your expressions when no one is watching and no-one can listen.

The songs of the heart are what you turn to when no-on else can claim your attention.

The songs of the heart are God's implants to draw you to Him.

God has heavenly Symphonies already within you, only to be heard by your ears and His.

In solitude the songs of your heart are revealed as Heaven's symphonies just for YOU to Him.

As the deer pants for streams of water,
   so my soul longs after you, O God.
My soul thirsts for you, for the living God.
   When can I go and meet with you? (Ps 42:1-2 - SoulSupply ed)

Today's Soul Snippet:

When the Spirit of Truth illuminates our minds He also brightens our souls.