Justice's Paradox

Soul Snack 226/13 ... Justice's Paradox

Three centuries ago the rebellious French thinker Voltaire rightly claimed "It is a dangerous thing to be correct when those in authority are wrong".

"He (Pilate) ... surrendered Jesus to their (the hostile crowd) will." (Lk 23:25)

From an abandoned backbone, Pilate's toga now 'glowed red'. Bent over, Pilate presented his thinning mop of hair to the crowd. A weary, lazy and indulgent public servant was now required to make a correct call on justice. An innocent man's life was in his self-protective hands. This people-pleaser bowed his head lower. Wishfully Pilate dipped his hands in water (that won't cleanse), his engraved ring worn so proudly taunts ‘Friend of Caesar' (not Christ). He permitted the sinless to enter sinful depths.

Jesus was unjustly released into the uninformed desires of others. He was placed under another's dark authority. Peril was now His only platform.

Pilate's indulgence simply magnified his injustice. Pilate's selfishness promoted harm to the innocent. It disregarded any milk of human kindness, any desire for the triumph of truth.

Public power used for personal gain can only deliver distress to those under its authority.

Yet with sights set eternally above, this earth-bound, flesh carrying God did not resist or rebel.

Already Jesus knew that vindication is only accessed through submission.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"If your church shows you law while your heart screams for love, you are in a court not a church." (Quote from soulsupply's first book GREAT MERCY arriving soon.)

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