Seeking Jesus' shadow...

The way of holiness is the way of heavenly wealth.~ Charles Spurgeon

Be holy as I am holy. (Leviticus 11:44)

This verse is neither optional nor hyperbole for a man or woman of God seeking obedience.

The living our Lord commands pursues holiness. All His priorities are to be the disciple's choice. There lies no place for cherry-picking Jesus' teachings.

A believer's mortal coil fails when their goal remains accumulation, glory, or any other contrivance an independent mankind dares to conjure up.

Separation (thus freedom) from the kingdoms' of men is the first real joy of traveling within the Kingdom of God.

Jesus must increase, I must decrease. (John 3:30)

As with John the Baptist - walk in Jesus' shadow and then the disciple passes by men unseen. Remember too that Jesus was unrecognized - there was nothing in His appearance that would attract men.

The Last Word:

Humility is the first step towards holiness. Pride seeks no trade with holiness.