Love's Unsearchable Delight

There is a loveless pandemic, rarely addressed, but multiplying daily. Jesus foretold that the love of most would grow cold in the end times.

Souls are soaked in unrest from the absence of love, and therefore also weakened by a poverty of self-belief. Too many people feel they have to do more and more to be accepted, or they choose to withdraw to feel safe. BUT humans are beings before doings. God formed His image by creating human-beings and not human-doings.

Love can NEVER be earned, it is not found by doing for then it is not love.

Love is the free gift of one's heart to another.

If love needs to be earned then another's heart has been purchased and so love has not been received.

Correctly the Beatles sang five decades ago - Money can't buy me love.

Love cannot be bought for love does not charge.

Pure love is never an exchange of an item of value for another item of similar value. It is never about what I can get, but rather what I can give. True love knows no guarantee of reciprocity, for if it did - love would again be a purchase. BUT when love is returned there is an unspeakable delight for both concerned. This is how God functions, whose very fabric is love.

To receive love no action is required for love is given to beings, but wages are given to doings.

Love's unsearchable delight is found when it is actually returned.

This is how our Lord feels when we love Him back. Remember both He and us respond in the same manner because He made us in His image - to enjoy the reciprocity of love.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Love is looking into another's eyes and seeing their heart.

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