Making Faith Decent Again

A Christian church lives as the body of Christ. Its members live by faith, not sight. So too then should the organisation.

Faith steps into the unseen without any visible means of support, at Jesus' call. It is not until the disciple is out of the rocky boat, maybe even in fear of sinking that he will see the hands of Jesus outstretched to him. This is faith.

Beginning with Jesus it is the steps of faith that built the Christian church, and landed God's kingdom present upon earth. 

'The time has come,' Jesus said. 'The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the good news.' (Mark 1:15)

It is from the acts of a self-denying faith - from Gethsemane to Golgotha, Athens, Ephesus, Rome and then onto Istanbul - from the jungles of Ecuador to Ethiopia and then into India, China and much farther afield, that the kingdom of God has been raised on earth. 

The giants of faith defied common reason. These sober men and women took captive all knowledge that would dilute their faith, that could destroy the Godly resolves of their heart.

For faith to become decent to the Christian church... 

For the perilous ledge of decline to be retreated from...

a fresh wind must blow through the pews, a 'new wine' sipped that the rule of faith be re-instated.

  1. Righteousness is the measure of life - not theology, not love.
  2. Worship is measured in truth and is of the spirit, not just in sincerity and from the head.
  3. Truth is found in Jesus and His Holy Spirit of truth, not just the endless study of the minds of other men.
  4. Humility of spirit is to replace the pride of learning.
  5. Dependence upon Jerusalem must replace dependence upon Babylon.
  6. Poor ritual cannot be replaced with good ritual, for neither gains relationship with Jesus. Jesus died for relationship not ritual. 'Ritual is the undoing of authentic religion'. ~ Brennan Manning
  7. Jesus came to turn ritual into relationship and ceremony into celebration.

Faith that carries a future is founded upon the seven piers of - righteousness, worship, truth, humility, allegiance, holiness and relationship with Jesus. Without such the future is grey turning an easy black, but with them the future is bright for the devoted.

Note carefully, for it is these seven piers the world and the Christian compromisers already neglect and reject.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"All things in life can wait but the search for God cannot." - George Harrison 

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