There is no equality in ...

Mankind's heart is set to worship.

What men worship demands bondage. It commands their time and their mind.

There is no equality in worship, for men cannot serve two masters. Only one focus can own a man, and this is to the sadness of another.

Men are indeed created to worship but not themselves, or the work of their hands.

To a man, we all worship form but not spirit. Yet, God seeks worship in spirit and in truth.

The worship of form causes men to disbelieve and flee the only true God. Not all worship is equal.

True worship protects me from me. Remember Narcissus? 

The ancient Greek myth of Narcissus has long been a healthy lesson to the self-absorbed. (Isn't self-interest always the nature of the entire human race?)

Idols are worshiped and worthless. As they topple their devotees stumble. But:

God has exalted above all things His name and His word. (Psalm 138:2b)

The Last Word:

Let my heart Lord dwell with You alone. Amen