Heaven's Billboard - A

Soul Snack 182/12 ... Heaven's Billboard - A

I believe in the supernatural, both the bad and the good of it yet I only want to know about the good.

Christianity is THE religion of the supernatural. Jesus both raised the dead and rose from the dead. He ascended alive into heaven and will return alive to earth. Jesus shares His life today and will give eternal life tomorrow. He still heals, He still stops storms and He still commands angels.

Regular SoulSnack readers will know of my love for Brennan Manning as an author. I quote him regularly BUT now I wish to actually recommend a book to all those who disbelieve the lie that God ceased doing miracles at the book of Acts and who also fully accept a good world out there that is of God and not of this earth.

The boy who came back from heaven - authored by Kevin and Alex Malarkey is both desperately tragic and exceptionally inspiring. When Alex died (read the story to find out why I have used italics) at six years of age in a car accident he was literally transported to heaven and watched angels lift his dad (Kevin) from the car. Alex saw satan (the great accuser) blame him for the accident. To this day a very alive Alex still visits heaven and still talks about heaven.

God did not tell lies 3000 years ago when He promised to the faithful:

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands... (Ps 91:11-12a)

A weary, chastened and thirsty Kevin Malarkey yells to each reader - Be a billboard to heaven rather than a sign of the times (p 145).

Buy this book, not for Alex, not for Kevin, not even for Jesus - buy it for yourself that your faith can be multiplied, your eyes lifted and your heart stirred afresh by the ONLY life-intervening God. Just maybe then we may each draw a little closer to becoming a billboard for heaven.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Fear God and work hard." ~ Dr David Livingstone