Mastered by a Stronger Love ~ B

The heart given to the Lord, the soul lost in the Lord always has flesh that follows.

Their delights are now different to fellow men, the lights of yesterday are dull, today holds less worry. Curiously, each also finds they have gained the desires of their heart. (See Psalm 37:4)

Trust replaces tears, as faith dispels fears.

It is from the soul-tearing, sin living detours of life that the narrow path becomes appreciated. ~ Steven House

Such a disciple now enjoys the gentle mastery of Heaven, having lost the demanding mastery of self.

Those mastered by the Lord:

  • are those He chooses to draw into His presence. They dine on heaven's finest fare, filled with the good things of His house (See Psalm 65:4)
  • hear the soft and inviting whispers that are not subject to anger, accusation, or coercion
  • are introduced to a peace that would be the envy of all mankind should they learn of it
  • will sing of His great love each morning, His fresh mercies every new day
  • see discouragements fade to joy
  • enjoy the Lord's goodness in the land of the living, and they
  • know the divine fellowship of a ceaseless interior prayer which rises.

NOTE: Ceaseless interior prayer is a continual yearning of the human spirit towards God#, because towards God is what all mankind is made for.

The tangible benefits and the intangible blessings of a mastered heart are now all summed up in - the heart that is towards God.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'In solitude a disciple loses his scaffolding, he is naked before God'. 

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# A Henri Nouwen quote suffixed by SoulSupply