Jesus hung out with His Father. So too - Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, and many more, both seen and unseen, who thirsted in their faith.

The apostle Paul spent fourteen unexplained and absent years, arguably too in a wilderness (Arabia), hanging out and being prepared by God. These men knew the desperation of thirst for their heavenly Father's presence, for their survival.

Never underestimate the power of hunger. If the Lord has planted a seed of hunger for Himself in you, then you will never be satisfied until that hunger is pursued. That satisfaction can only come from dwelling, remaining, in His presence and in seeking His Glory.

First satisfy your own hunger, then plant the same seed in others as the Lord guides.

It is the great failure of the church today that she has ignored the presence of the Lord for her own agendas and schedules. In doing so most people have missed both the presence and glory, and even the fear of the Lord. Our forebears had this fear but we seem to have replaced it with easy going, easy salvation seeker friendly entertainment instead of real and true worship, that reverence for His presence. - Chris Bennett

God looks for thirsty people.

It is those who thirst in truth, who echo the Psalmist (as the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after You) that truly know the joyful dependence of seeking the Lord, for:

no desperate believer continues to 'trade on' yesterday's spiritual journeys and successes, as each knows they will become stale and journey no more.

Where there is thirst, desperation is sure to arrive - then the soul drinks long and deeply from the Lord.

Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God. (1 Chronicles 22:19)

The way to deeper knowledge of God is through the lonely valleys of soul poverty and the giving up of all things. ~ A.W. Tozer

Today's Soul Snippet:

'When God intends to fill a soul, He first makes it empty. When He intends to enrich a soul He makes it poor. When He intends to exalt a soul, He first makes it sensible to its own miseries, wants and nothingness'. ~ John Flavel

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