On Flattery of the Self#

“In their own eyes, [the wicked] flatter themselves too much to detect or hate their sin.” (Psalm 36:2)

In verse 2 of Psalm 36, King David speaks about those who have no fear of God or regard for who He is. Such a lack of regard or thought for the one who is Himself goodness, and who is transcendent -above all else, unsurprisingly will lead people to set their attention elsewhere. What captures our attention if it is not God? David aptly observes, it is ourselves. We are consumed with ourselves when we are not consumed with God. Put God’s holiness on the back burner, and we’re as self-assured as a penguin on ice. Or, as the psalmist puts it, we flatter ourselves.

This is not wise.

The Last Word:

Let the above verse guide us to a greater vista - to look upon the glories of God. While it is all too easy to flatter ourselves, it is an impossible task to overstate the glory of God.

#An extract reproduced from 'On Flattery of the Self' with permission. Click the link provided to read the whole devotion.