One Premium Apostolic Tip

Soul Snack 168/14 ... Has slumber or weighty eyelids ever dogged your devotions? Is the morning too early and the evening too tiring?

Jesus’ and His core (Peter, James and John) disciples had arrived atop an unspecified mountain.

These disciples had been sent forth to successful service. They already had scoured barren lands and fertile fields alike. They had already preached the good news, expelled demons from their human hosts, and even healed the sick. The miraculous was routine to their new lives. They were His PREMIUM APOSTLES, but now He takes them further, to a mountaintop.

These select disciples had witnessed Jesus raise the dead and Peter knew Jesus' identity; it would appear that Jesus had withheld nothing of Himself from them. They were already masterful followers (well almost), prior to this mountaintop trek; yet there was still a lack.

In an encounter that defied time Peter, James and John almost missed two 'dead' Old Testament heroes descending to earth. The core three wafted in a shallow sleep while the Lord prayed; astonishingly Moses and Elijah stood before them all. Jesus’ face glowed as bright as lightning.

Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him. (Luke 9:38)

This blaze from an open heaven even premium apostles could lose. Glory can be missed through sleeping. Their spirit was weak, not watching for Jesus' glory.

Your service, your knowledge, your abilities and your devotion are no guarantee that your humanity still won't win the day, that your heart is intent on seeing His glory.

You may already be a premium apostle, climbing mountains for Jesus, casting out demons and healing the sick, but Tip One remains:

premium apostles stay alert, for it is Jesus' glory alone they are interested in seeing.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"If you make money your God it will plague you like the devil." ~ Henry Fielding

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