Opening SoulSupply's Vault

Gold bars are highly valued, hence they are heavily protected. Yet gold is valueless and dishonored in heaven, the streets are paved with it. Old Chevys stain heaven's roads because gold is just so unimportant.

But, you can decide the value of these five aging gold-bars from SoulSupply, they each do point you to heaven:

  1. We have to live with the pain of sin to learn the regret of choosing sin.
  2. Suffering is God's entry point to opening the heart.
  3. The family is God's instrument for the generational transmission of righteousness.
  4. Aim for heaven and Jesus will get you through earth.
  5. Learn to hold to the things of this world loosely, then they will serve you and not you them.

Go in peace, your faith has saved you. (Luke 7:50)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"You can't compare your insides with everyone else's outsides." ~ Brennan Manning