Ordinary People#

Ordinary men can live by grace not by performance when each become familiar with the Savior nailed on our cross.

The basis of a man's personal worth is not in his:

  • talents
  • wallet
  • esteem
  • reputation
  • kudos or,
  • applause.

The believer stands anchored in the God hanging from the terrible cross before whom he stands naked. He is affirmed in His love.

Ordinary people can now see themselves as they are and not as they should be - still loved and still ordinary.

It is Jesus who overlooks our shortcomings, ineptitude and sees past our projected image.

Saint Augustine wrote:

there can be only two basic loves, the love of God unto forgetfulness of self, or the love of self unto the forgetfulness of God. 

I am fearful that God's thundering call to ordinary men has been muffled by the religious rhetoric of rituals, thus making ordinary men deaf to His tender feelings.#

Today's Soul Snippet:

'In solitude Jesus strips away my scaffolding.' ~ Michael Cartwright

#Today‚Äôs SoulSnack is both inspired by and largely quotes from Brennan Manning, assembled and edited by SoulSupply