Our Lord's exclusive love! ~ A.B. Simpson

Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved. (John 13:23)

Beloved, do you not long for God's quiet, the inner chambers, the shadow of the Almighty, the secret of His presence?

Your life has been, perhaps, all driving and doing; or perhaps straining, struggling, longing and not obtaining.

You long for rest!

You long to lie down close to His heart and know that you have all in Him, that every question is answered, every doubt settled, every interest safe, every prayer answered, every desire satisfied.

He has for each of us His exclusive love, a love which each individual feels is all for himself, one in which he can lie alone upon His breast and have a place which no other can dispute.

And yet His heart is so great that He can hold a thousand millions just as near. Each heart seems to possess Him as exclusively for His own as the thousand little pools of water upon the beach can reflect the sun, and each little pool appears to have the whole sun captured in its beautiful depths.

The Last Word:

Draw close to Him again and again and again, discovering the endless 'more' to this secret of Jesus inmost love.

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