Out of a Babe's Mouth ~ MARTYRDOM

SoulSnack 133/14 ... A sad young Muslim girl stood outside the doorway of a Filipino church longing for the love and joy displayed by those inside. The American missionary had asked her to come in, but she had politely declined. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to accept the kind offer. Quite the opposite! Her heart was beckoning her to join in their singing and worship. They seemed so happy! But this was a hostile area in the Philippines, and her father had strictly forbidden her to have anything to do with “those Christians.”

Inside, a missionary was praying fervently for her soul. She wanted to teach the little Filipino girl about Jesus and how He shed His blood on a cross so that her sins could be washed away.  At the same time, the girl knew something was happening because each week she found it harder and harder to say no to the missionary. Finally one Sunday morning, she could no longer close the door of her heart to Jesus. She accepted not only the invitation to attend the Sunday school class: she also believed the wonderful Truth about Jesus. She became a child of God! 

Full of joy, the missionary gave her a beautiful white dress. It symbolized the amazing fact that Jesus had washed all her sins away. And just as full of joy, the little girl went home with her two special gifts -- the wonderful Spirit of Jesus in her heart and the pretty dress to remind her that God had made her pure and holy inside. A day or so later, the missionary rushed to the next service. She could hardly wait to see the new little Christian again, but the girl was nowhere to be found. No one had seen her or heard anything about her.

Concerned, the missionary travelled to her home village. Near her home, she found the young believer lying in the dirt. Her white dress was torn, filthy, and soaked in blood. The girl’s father had not shared the missionary’s joy in his daughter’s new found faith. In a drunken rage he had beaten her, repeatedly kicked her, and left her to die.  

The missionary gently lifted the fragile girl and carried her back to the church where a doctor rushed in to help her. But there was nothing he could do. He removed the ragged dress and cleaned her up, but her injuries were too severe. The young Filipino girl would soon die. The missionary and other friends stayed with her, trying to comfort her during her final hours. God brought her back to consciousness for a short while, and the girl was able to make an unusual request. Despite the pain of her father's anger and the horrible beating, she wanted to hold the white dress the missionary had given her. The missionary explained that it was torn and soaked with blood and dirt, but the dying girl insisted on having it in her hands.

With the simple faith of a ten-year-old she whispered, “I just want Jesus to know that I was willing to bleed for Him.”

There was as much innocence in this young martyr's heart as there was love. The faith within her soul counted no cost as she died from devotion.

Who is he who will reckon this child correct, mimic this young faith and disregarding well-being - wear white within a world that only honors black?

ENJOY - Biblical Honor for Children and Winston Churchill writes on Islam in 1899

Today's Soul Snack:

In what may appear to be some form of twisted thinking, rejoice in the tiring wrestle with sin for this authenticates the path you travel.

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