Out of Eden

God made man as the only creature that would be His mirror, bear His image. God created Adam to be like Himself - ruling, creative, caring and thinking, perfect in every way. To this very day every child born is still born in God's image (albeit fractured), for God stills makes like Himself, that He could share and fellowship with them. (We all want people who are similar to us ,hence I can't hang out with singers or musicians, indeed other artists.)

So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Man was formed by God from the dust at His all powerful word. Since then we have been led astray, and lead ourselves astray. Satisfaction has become as elusive as rest, pleasure as fleeting as the end of our favorite movie. God has been left behind.

Our straying ways mould us into consumers, but His lasting image is enjoyed in the wonder of creating rather than consuming.

Why? - Because God is first a creator, so too us.

We are now out of Eden. We shake and shudder from the cold and the heat, the heartache and the tearing that is life post Eden.

Eden has truly been lost until the new heavens and the new earth arrive, until the new Jerusalem descends from heaven. But Eden can still be tasted out of it:

could creativity just too be a walking with God?

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Those who are given to white lies soon become color-blind'. ~ anon

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