The Pilgrimage of the Heart

A human heart is set to travel, adventure stirs the soul.

My heart is set on a pilgrimage, my eyes are fixed to Zion. This is my life's passage through earth to heaven. This walkway is sealed within the countless spiritual paradoxes that Jesus my Christ presents to all who seek Him.

I hold no care to reach any other city. Budapest, Moscow, London or even New York have fallen from my radar. My heart is firm, my gait steadfast - I only seek Jerusalem, God's home, the City of Peace.

My mission to reach heaven is conducted by dwelling with the Lord. No marching, no exertion, not even perspiration glistens upon my skin for this trek.

I find myself first in His house. Next I take a step closer to His presence, that finally I may sit in quiet at His feet, or rest my head upon His breast. Thus my heart is held in comfort, raised in praise and my soul forged in strength.

Paradoxically this pilgrimage is only made through stillness - a purposeful stopping of the body and mind with our Lord; a deliberate prospering of the soul.

Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you. Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. (Psalm 84:4-5)

The Lord rejoices in those who seek His presence. He will not turn His face from them, nor will He wave them away. No accusations will reside upon His lips.

Jesus' death-defying passion is that His own will forever live with Him, but they can start now.

Through His presence Jesus moves disciples' hearts from weariness to strength.

The heart is lifted when the knees are lowered.

He who is compassionate and gracious, faithful and abounding in love encircles the hearts of those who sit with Him. They are fed upon a secret peace pouring within. 

"There is nothing that will give you courage and build up your character so much as being alone with God in the great battles of life." ~ Charles H. Stalker

Feeling weary, soaked in war or weakened in resolve? Is the heart empty? It is needed that you sit alone with your Jesus - Jesus the Christ. 

Faith is the pilgrimage of the heart that crowds the Throne of Grace.

Today's Soul Snippet:

The longer the preparation, the deeper the work. - James Fraser

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