Pillar 4 ~ Stillness

Soul Snack 41/14 ... In life's rocking chair, at the point of rest...

With feet up, and with coffee at hand...

With the day before me, or just behind me... there is always the choice to stop with the Lord.

Stopping with the Lord confronts the natural preoccupation with self.

Be still and know that I am God... (Ps 46:10a)

God is very clear; the way to know Him is by being still with Him.

Since infancy we have learned that study is the path to knowledge, but God teaches an easier and indeed superior route - He invites each to travel to Him without even moving. It is in His presence that strength is gained, joy is found, and peace surely deposited.

Stillness seizes a universe of truths that this world's libraries could never hold.

Being still with those who are in your heart is inexpressible harmony. No talk is required for communication is already present.

We are all called to Him first, and need Him more than we need to be used by Him. ~ Kimberly McCarthy

God desires your attention, well before He seeks your activity.

Where there is attention, there is devotion.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Except a man say in his heart, 'I and God are alone in the world,' he will not find peace." ~ Abbot Allois

INTRODUCTION To the 5 Pillars of Devotion

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