Prayer & Faith are fasting twins!

Prayer and faith are twins. They must be. There is no prayer if there is no faith first. And, it is impossible to please God without faith. In a world that demands tangibility and reason Christianity fails. In another world, the real, the eternal one, faith is honored first.

Prayer exercises faith. And, growing faith multiplies prayer.

Christians never know how large a threat we are to the Enemy until we unite and start doing something for God.

Prayer is never the end, but always the beginning.

Exercised prayer believes in God's willing ability, availability & desire to answer. The power of the blood of Jesus is prayer's engine room.

Fasting invites the spirit of prayer. Hunger is a remarkable facilitator.

Fasting is prayer equipping, the choice for spiritual ambition and the gaining of spiritual momentum. It is the emptying of myself that He may fill me with Himself. Jesus would fast sleep to pray, so strongly did He wish communion with His Father.

One of those days Jesus went out on the mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. (Luke 6:12)

The Last Word:

Fasting is the school of self-denial, a subduing of the flesh, a voluntary abstinence to promote sorely needed prayer.