Preventing Life's Saddle-Sores

For the saddle-sore, those who are too well chafed by life:

Satan wants you to:

  • canvas your life in a pained recall and witness any persistent darkness, that you then curl your fingers tight, raise your forearm high and shake this fist at Heaven.
  • dwell in a resentment fired despair, for then he lights a bright candle on your celebration cake of hurt as its light shames you into hating yourself. 
  • see ill in many others and believe they also see ill in you. He reminds you that the real joy in grumbling and faultfinding is a healthy release for your injured spirit.

‚ÄčThus satan has hoodwinked you into tearing first yourself and then those around you apart.

Satan seals the deal with the lie that life's blackness is from God - the unkind eternal Father.

BUT - satan does not inform you that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:

  • take no joy from your suffering,
  • do not desire it and
  • are not the author of evil.

Satan distances you from God by lying to you so that God is blamed.

Always choose to believe ill of satan for there is no good in him, and always choose to believe well of God for there is no bad in Him.

He who controls the thoughts controls the man.

Today's Soul Snippet:

  "Anger is attempting to control another without controlling yourself." Michael Cartwright

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