The Purity of Solitude

A human spirit encompassed by silence,

a soul released from today and

a body absent of distress always gains health with solitude.

Solitude is the company of the Divine while still upon earth. It is the stripping of distraction, and the clothing with spiritual intent. 

A heart emptied upon the Throne of Grace,

a head knowingly bowed in humility and

hands cupped in prayer is the place of grace.

Uninterrupted prayer, an unclouded mind and private peace are the gifts of solitude.

Knees bent in devotion,

the clock reversed (or hidden) and

the immovable desire for stillness are the wishes of Jesus' Holy Spirit for each disciple.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. (Psalm 42:1)

In your solitude Heaven pours the compliment of its perfect attention. There is no crowding around His throne, no queues to wait in and no competitors - His mind is all yours.

"Except a man say in his heart, 'I and God are alone in the world,' he will not find peace." ~ Abbott Allois

In solitude the Lord is found but it is from stillness He is enjoyed

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Perfect quietness was the monk's opportunity for spiritual communion with God." ~ James Hannay

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