Recapturing the Dawn of Time

God's hand formed Adam from dust. God wrapped Adam in His palms as any father does, and nursed him on His breast so close to His heart.

The creation truths in Genesis chapters one and two are as rich in reason and explanation as the soils of Eden were fertile.

Life wasn't primitive, it was perfect.

There is an un-copiable purity in originality.

After Adam's 'birth' God placed him in Eden. Adam named the animals and knew God's only rule. At that point Adam's workload was low, weeds were yet to arrive. The garden was brand new - no overgrowth and crowded plants, no pollution and no disease.

Adam would survey this garden and feel lonely for human company, but all the while he still hung with his Father.

They would walk together, he would listen and no doubt chatted too.

Adam literally dwelt with his Father, his creator. 

It is that unhurried Eden which captures to this day the dawn of time - Adam had time for God. (God always had time for him too.)

The dawn of time showed God's intent for man and all of time - God's desires have not changed:

we cannot copy Eden's purity but we can still copy Adam's practice.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Prayer meetings are the throbbing machinery of the church'. ~ Charles Spurgeon

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