Of Righteousness

Soul Snack 218/12 ... Of Righteousness

There are few hollow caves, dark dens or dense jungles in scripture where righteousness is not present.

There is no place I can turn in my Bible or page I may open that does not confront me with - righteousness.

Righteousness is the desire of Heaven, it is the overflow of Divine personal interest upon any listening disciple's welfare.

Righteousness is God's very sharing of Himself, His garment of salvation and His banner of protection.

Wherever there is righteousness the good Lord is present, it is His mantle over sin and in its presence evil will flee.

Righteousness is the fruit of faith, a soul at rest and the crown of a correct life.

Righteousness is the divinely led submission of a man's human spirit to the Holy Spirit.

It is the spirits of righteous men that are made perfect. (Hebs 12:23)

Righteousness is Heaven's gift to form me today so that all my tomorrows are perfectly secure.

Today's Soul Snippet:

God does not want to be my hotel but my home.