Salvation, Peace & Decision

The Scriptures can never fail me. Salvation, peace and decision making are three of its strongest elements.

There are many concepts, themes and patterns within the Scriptures that can 'ignite' the reader who would stop and be still. (It is interesting to note that God commands the world to ‘stop’ and remain ‘still’, for it is from these two actions man gets to know Him.)

Have you noticed the Biblical parallels of ‘two’? They point to salvation, peace and worship, and are:

The 2 trees form my thoughts. The 2 cities guide me how to live. The 2 gardens model how to worship. In each area their guidance is opposite:

  • The Tree of Life offers me salvation, the Tree of Knowledge offers me seduction.
  • Jerusalem is the home of peace, Babylon is the mother of confusion.
  • In Eden Adam chose for life, but only gained death. In Gethsemane Jesus (the 2nd Adam) chose for death and gained life. The two gardens equate to the points of decisions.

Against the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil mankind still leans, enjoying its ‘refreshing’ but deceitful shade. Absent of any wit, he listens without question to its instructions. The Tree of Knowledge always invites men to question, edit and thus finally reject God’s Word. The Tree of Life does not lie, it teaches God's pure words in stark contrast. Salvation is found.

The city of Babylon was destroyed as man first began to write, but it still informs men how to call evil 'good'. Babylon demands worship for its images of ‘gold’, and in them it promises peace and satisfaction. However in an endless and tiring repetition Babylon fails to deliver. Babylon continues to promise always offering a greater peace. So, men chase the next offer and peace only further eludes.

In Eden a passive Adam fell for just an ‘apple’, and indulgence jumped up to rule. In Gethsemane an active Jesus fell for mankind, and sacrifice stood up to begin its rule.

When I read life through the lense of Scripture, I take gain from all its promised fullness and satisfactions.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'A cold church, like cold butter never spreads well.' ~ anon