Satan paints God in his own colors!

It is remarkably sobering to grasp that none can leave earth without misery or torment!

Great is the Lord's love towards us, and His faithfulness endures forever. (Psalm 117:7)

Suffering raises its index finger high, indeed to Heaven. The Lord is blamed!

Suffering is cruelty.

Suffering scoffs at Divine love, and swears at Divine faithfulness. It hurts too much.

Suffering takes exception to any Divine good-will.

Suffering confronts the very fabric and every fiber of the Bible.

'It can be very difficult to see the light when the darkness is so deep.' ~ Michael Cartwright

So how do I respond when suffering arises, and pain lingers long?

These are sulfur-fumed invitations to distrust, a spark of satan to deny a good God.

'Satan paints God in his own colors.' ~ Stephen Charnock

It is my choice to believe in the loving faithfulness, or the malevolent faithlessness of God.

I choose to believe in the perfect goodness of God, despite any/all outward evidence.

Why? Because...

first Gethsemane and then Golgotha showed me both His love and His faithfulness. This I do not doubt.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Babylon is always demanding, it commands the worship of gold.'