Seized By A Great Affection

The hunger for love resides within each human. This is to be expected, as all mankind is made in God's image; He is love.

God is not surrounded in love - love is His essence. It is His fabric, the very construction of His being.

Love rises from within Him (Daniel 2:22), and emanates from Him.

God radiates love indiscriminately towards both the aware and the unaware.

All recipients are ineligible for His love (love can't be earned), fortunately eligibility is no criteria for its reception.

Without love, God is not God, nor can He be good.

A God whose substance and construction is love, is also guaranteed to lovingly see all my frailties, failings and fears.

He too knows my losses, sees my heartache and desires to walk beside me in my anguish. He will not despise my indiscretions, my misfortunes and my splashes or tsunamis of sin.

This loving Father notes any deprivation of human affirmation, that absence of warm human response that sears across a soul and spirit. Yet such sufferings aren't impediments to being seized by the power of a great affection (Brennan Manning) - this is what His Cross intends for us all.

It is a divine fact that the very items that burn the soul and scar the spirit become His conduit of love to me. They are how He seizes my attention, gains my will and secures my heart.

His pure love invades all my impurities. His pure love will hold me perfectly now that I may be flawless before Him forever.

" ... with everlasting kindness I will have compassion on you," says the LORD your Redeemer. (Isaiah 54:8b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

God's eternal invitation ... "COME near and LISTEN to Me." ~ Isaiah 48:16

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