The Sexual Avenger ~ Part A

Soul Snack 83/13 ... The Sexual Avenger ~ A

Roaring into1981Suzuki Motorcyles released a spaceship styled bike that was razor sharp in handling, an instrument of lethal power and in skilled hands a cause of instant defeat to its competitors. This new bike was marketed as the Katana. The Katana is still legendary today in motorcycle circles.

This now valuable vintage motorcycle carried the cred of a Samurai warrior's sword - the katana. It is first a slender razor-sharp instrument of lethal power and instant defeat in skilled hands. The katana is as much a blade of suicide as it is of victory.

Suzuki's marketing of the Katana was also as sexually aggressive as the sword is threatening. Absent of any attire a face-down female model adorned the new bike. The ad is still outrageous and the bike sold up a storm. The Katana conjured instant lust. Sex sells!

Satan is wielding a sexual katana across the face of this earth, as he sells his avenging hate for Heaven. Satan slyly leads the world (God's children) to death with the slicing promise of immoral sex adding betterment to life.

On April 30th he plunged yet another wound into mankind (God's image) when an NBA superstar was congratulated by President Obama for announcing his homosexuality. (More on this tomorrow.)

Jason Collins (the NBA player) has been slashed by a satanic katana, maybe even unwittingly announcing his suicide.

Lust is instant but love is polite.

Lust divides but love unites.

Lust seduces but love invites.

Lust announces but love is quiet.

Flee from sexual immorality. (1 Cor 6:18)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Hold possessions firmly with your hands but loosely with your heart."

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