The Sexual Avenger ~ Part B

Soul Snack 84/13 ... The Sexual Avenger ~ B

Satan fully knows sex still sizzles; a poignant metaphor for he who will sizzle forever.

On April 30th this year Obama ignorantly honored the dishonorable and called evil good. The celebrated 34 yr old NBA superstar Jason Collins received a personal phone call from the most powerful man in the universe congratulating Collins for his immorality.

CHRISTIANS PLEASE GRASP THIS ~ the issues here are a lot larger than sexual activity or a misguided moral compass.

There is something so much more suffocating and pervasive than marshalling gay pride, diluting adultery and Sex in the City.

Satan is intent on causing death by multiplying sin. He is avenging his hatred of God upon all that God has made. Promoting homosexuality is another satan inspired exercise of hatred.

Don't forget man is the pinnacle of God's creation; God's highest purpose and the focus of His redemption.

Don't forget satan wanted to rule heaven and lost the war.

Don't forget satan has been expelled from heaven forever.

Don't forget satan knows his rule on earth is short.

Satan is like the Mafia (this should be vice-versa) - he cannot return to heaven to hurt God, so he hurts God by hurting what God loves most; God's family. Satan is committed to destroying God's image - mankind, and so injuring the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To pursue homosexuality is to invite injury and to be robbed of wonderful and correct sexual experience. Homosexuality is robbery.

To participate in sexual sin is to be a party to satan's vengeance upon God. It is to court death through the sweet taste of sin. As the world can't see this, it moves inexorably closer to satan's warm and affirming lair.

YEP - the obsessive multiplication of homosexuality is to be resisted with all might, but it is also a sign of the times.

Don't forget that before Jesus returns, the love of most will grow cold because of the increase of wickedness.

What Collins confessed and Obama blessed is the increase of wickedness.

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