The Sexual Avenger ~ Part C

Soul Snack 85/13 ... The Sexual Avenger ~ C

"... only the death of marriage can bring about the dawn of equality for all." - Dr Meagan Tyler.

Is that what they mean by marriage equality? Redefining marriage into insignificance? (These four lines are from a FaceBook post.)

The ascent of wrong sex.

Satan is slashing a malevolent sexual sword across the face of the earth; it is slicing hearts and decapitating families (as they lose their heads). With each katana swing, a swathe of immoral deformity is opened upon the pure, the good and the chaste. The hearth of heterosexual marriage has been dismantled through these violent swings. Marriage is the fireplace of sexual safety but it is now being consumed by a wild-fire of immorality.

Satan is heating up his assault upon God's earth and mans' home in all manner of sin. He wields immorality as a vicious weapon against mankind and our creator.

60 years ago J. Edgar Hoover (the first F.B.I. chief) lived self-locked in a closet because of his reported homosexual behaviours. This made him an easy target for black-mail and legal action. Homosexual acts have been outlawed from antiquity. (An early code is dated 1075 BC in Assyria.)

50 years ago TV bedroom scenes portrayed married couples fully clothed by pyjamas in separate beds. Today's scenes rarely depict married couples and the rest I shan't describe. At the same time live models were not permitted to wear underwear on TV for advertising purposes. Underwear ads featured mannequins.

40 years ago (1970) the pop song LOLA (who walked like a woman but talked like a man) by the British band The Kinks only polluted the airwaves for a brief time. The song was banned. Today TV shows are made about transsexuals.

20 years ago I heard on talk-back radio a paedophile spruiking his justification for rampant immorality. YEP - this was permitted public discussion. Currently this behaviour is still written in the criminal codes but I can remember when homosexuality was too.

Satan has lit a wild-fire of consuming passion that has engulfed this world so that it will not see God.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matt 5:8)

Only the death of immorality can bring the vision of God.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Good knowledge is no more found within the will of many than in the museums of learning.

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