Shadowy Attachment

Attachment is an emotional or even spiritual connection between two people. It transcends the boundaries of geography or time. The foundations for attachment are the bonds forged from life's earliest days, between an infant and their primary care giver/s.

In life's variegated, troubled or peaceful beginnings are sown the seeds that can develop or destroy life-long relational health.

There is a broken attachment between us and our eternal primary care-giver. The blindness to His grace, the ignorance of His love and the disbelief of His good-will, all indicate living at best in an eternal shadow.

Yet the God who names the stars, counts your tears and changes His records each time you comb your hair is BIG on attachment.

He nailed unbreakable bonds at Golgotha, and guaranteed them from an empty tomb. His crucified light would soon rise and meant no more shadow living.

How can I remove shadowy living?

How can I enjoy the light of loving attachment?

This is found when I bend down and forward into the light of His love each day upon my knees.

I am the light of the world (John 9:5)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"God will answer our questions by showing us more of His Son." ~ Watchman Nee

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