Shaking the Tree of Knowledge

'Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers'. ~ Calvin Coolidge

Our knowledge piles up, so too its impact.

Knowledge is as wicked as it is valuable, as changing as it is prevalent.

From knowledge power is gained and so pride multiplies as rust upon the soul.

Mans' knowledge consigns God to fable, while furthering his worship of self.

Knowledge cannot sit still, it must assert and be displayed. 

Knowledge provides the soul strength to seek its own honor. Yet when displayed before the wise, when spoken before those who can bridle their tongue - it only provides shame to the show-off.

God's earth is littered with those who would be heard, those who must be known - so:

  • better to stay in the secret place with discretion than the city square with a careless of mind
  • the curtains to the mind are drawn apart by the words that pass through the lips
  • better to sit with a silent simpleton than dwell with a loud man demanding attention
  • even a fool appears wise when he keeps his mouth closed (see Proverbs 17:28)
  • knowledge is the enemy of wisdom when its foundation and results are pride.

As the door of the mouth slides open the vault of the heart is released.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Soul travail does not make pleasant company for selfish worldlings. ~ Frank Bartleman

ENJOY - The Tactics of Knowledge

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