God's Travelling Companions

SOUL SNACK 25 ... God's Traveling Companions

“…whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."  (Matthew 18:4)

Saddam Hussein and his half brother Barzen Ibrahim are on a hunger strike. Ibrahim even claims he is a ‘better person' than their judge. (Sydney Morning Herald 15/02/06). High self opinion characterizes both these men.

Self greatness is in all our hearts. God does not honour the self opinionated. Humility is the highest on God's character agenda. Humility is the expression of dependence on another. Humility is permitting another to organize our lives for us. This is what children do.

This God will honour. This is greatness to Him. (NB… It is only His opinion of me that will ever count anyway).

Humility means I now trust God to organize my life for me. It places me in a position of grace, that I may be able to see greatness now in others.

The handmaiden to grace is humility (and vice versa).

Both humility and grace are infectious to others as they extend where my self-opinion can never go. Humility and grace are the child's traveling companions to the kingdom of heaven.