The Place of Privilege


RMS 8:28….'and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.'

The muscled bound doorman was very selective. It appeared that good looks brought some, undue privilege.

The line snaked for 300 metres outside the theatre. Each eager spirit expecting a good reception at the door. Their ticket gave them privilege.

Distinctly I remember waiting briefly at the racing circuit gates. Security had without fuss and little resistance turned the car around in front of me. These gates permitted pit lane access. I had been loaned the correct pass. For a brief life moment I enjoyed privilege, as I selected 'drive' and eased the car forward.

The place of privilege is usually beyond the average person. In fact the image that privilege presents may be just unacceptable to some. Those without privilege so often desire to be levelers.

Privilege really is being in a position that brings favour (especially when another can not gain the same favour). God wants to bring favour to those who love Him and His son. He calls, and He cares.

This privilege He promises and not just offers. This promise is despite all outward evidences that maybe to the contrary. He is always looking out to bring good to our lives. In times of great pleasure or in times of great pain, this promise remains. The privilege of receiving His good is not dependent on circumstance or position. I am in THE position of privilege when I belong to Him

God always has my interests foremost in His heart. His intention is to always bring me benefit. Therefore I can rest in Him. I am a person who actually enjoys privilege.

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