Capturing the Uncommon

SOUL SNACK 48 ... Capturing the Uncommon 

“In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has can not be my disciple." (Lk 14:33)

Words of distress, dis-ease and discomfort permeate the teaching of He who gave up all.

Relinquishing is almost anathema to the western world. The common life is measured by accumulation. An uncommon life is measured by release.

The call of Christ caresses the disciples' soul for self-denial.

The common life pursues greater indulgence.

Jesus teaches, delivers and establishes the measure of self -restraint. He leaves no doubt for those who would approach the foot of the cross. Salvation is assured! Entry to heaven is free, but membership costs everything.

The greatest achievement in an uncommon life:

  • Is not what I've gained but what I've lost ,

  • It is not what I have received but what I've released,

  • It is not what I've taken up but rather what I've given up.