Polished by His Presence

SOUL SNACK 55 ... Polished by His Presence

“… I live in a high and holy place, But also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit." (Is 57:15b)

Inaccessibility is the attractiveness of a high place. There is an intangible exclusivity for those in high places. High places are places of honour. Not many reach the high places, although many will aspire to them.

I am not good in queues. The top of a queue is most desirable. Even at McDonalds or in traffic it is easy to pursue the highest place. Constantly my eyes scan for the quicker lane or the shorter queue. Restless is the pursuit to be in the higher place.

The highest place does not belong to those who seek it! Yet, it can be accessed readily. Access is not through my efforts. My abilities hinder me from the high place. Access is denied to those who strive.

Curiously access is available to those who do not seek it. I am first with God when He is first with me. The self seeking of personal promotion is futile. Efforts of self elevation are consistently thwarted. Yet, the self denial of God promotion He will bless.

God is a resistor of the proud. God is attracted to the humble, to those who do not seek the high places. It is the only humble who can shine, who are elevated.

For, it is only the humble who are ‘polished by His presence.'



COPYRIGHT 06…With special thanks to my friend Max Jacobs for this inspiration.


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