The Root of Greatness - B

Soul Snack 8/14 ... The Root of Greatness - B

'...they were all amazed at the greatness of God.' (Lk 9:43)

A desperate father calls Jesus attention to his tormented son (vs 37-40). Swiftly and with deft accuracy Jesus assesses the situation (vs 42-42). Immediately a demonised boy is delivered by The Light of the World. (Darkness can't survive in the presence of light). Jesus returns a now well boy to a now joyous dad.

Jesus has delivered this boy from a demon. The onlookers and bystanders marvel at Jesus and are amazed at God's greatness.

His people had walked through the Red Sea, ate manna from heaven, seen the earth devour rebels; they had witnessed the voice of God, were steeped in the Old Testament, and still God's greatness amazed them.

Jesus did not want this child to suffer. The father did not either. God intervenes and all are surprised at his greatness. This is sad. This is what God had done to them for 2000 years. Deliverance first came as they left Egypt. Couldn't they remember, couldn't they see?

Even God's people do not know God, yet He wants to be known. The study of the Word, the witness of miracles, the ways of the cross all point to relationship. Yet God's people had not given Him time; their eternal relationship hardly attended to.

To know a great God, He needs great attention. The space to know God is solitude. For God desires my presence, before my performance. In solitude I will know His greatness, whether I ever witness a miracle or not. Greatness is found on my own with Jesus.

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