Thirsty Souls


As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you O God. ( Ps 42:1)

Thirsty souls are seeking souls. Thirsty souls recall the previous good times.. Thirsty souls recall the time when worship was joyful, and gatherings happy. Inevitable though in the ebb and flow of life we know that we seek more.

Thirsty souls correctly understand the nature of their thirst.They appreciate that their present may hold far less pleasure than their past. That can be often the nature of thirst. Hopefully thirsty souls recall goodness and rehearse received blessings. (Ps 116:7).

Daily thirsty souls will wisely look for God's hand of mercy and grace. (It is always there.)

Thirsty souls will question God. (They will be able to, because they are still approaching Him.) Such thirsty souls see their thirst as a catalyst to draw close to The Father, and not withdraw.

Such thirsty souls seek the counsel of heaven, and then seek to counsel themselves. They remind themselves that water for this thirst is still only found in Jesus. (Jn 7:37-39)

Thirsty souls will daily breakfast with Jesus.(Jn 21) They know they need to. Thirsty souls know that it is God's good will that daily wakes them (Ps 3:5), to meet their thirsts. Thirsty souls will 'drink' satisfyingly each morning.