Rapid Rejection

Soul Snack 8/25 ... Rapid Rejection

The moment strangely still. Deliberately her eyes met his. Side by side now for hours, that had only brought slow silence, interrupted by brief opportunities for difficult conversation.

In silence their eyes engaged. Her eyes so hopefully full. His eyes so plainly empty. His heart so hollow, her heart so sunk, deeply stabbed yet again. Rejection received.

In a perfect Eden there was only one negative feeling Adam received, loneliness. God acted quickly to remedy this. In Eve, God's perfect companion for Adam, God permanently defeats loneliness.

A perfect Eden that suddenly knows sin instantly learns another negative emotion - shame. Aware of their nakedness, Adam and Eve are no longer comfortable before each other. Loneliness had been replaced by companionship. Companionship now rapidly flawed by shame.

Subsequent to shame, sin now introduces to a most recently perfect Eden, the saddest emotion (arguably) of all, rejection. Adam and Eve reject each others naked presence and God rejects them both. God removes them from Eden.

A sinless Eden meant no one would ever reel from rejection. Rejection just simply could not be known. A sinful Eden guaranteed rejection complete.

God's creation desire was that none would ever experience rejection. In Eden they were safe.

God's deep desire was that His sons and daughters would never know distress, alienation, or self-doubt. His desire ws to protect His own from rejection. This is still His desire. He will always respond to His own who call out to Him.

" He will respond to the prayer of the destitute;
he will not despise their plea." Psalm 102:17

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