The Welcome Father

Soul Snack 8/3 ... The Welcome Father

"... your God who defends His people.." Is 51:22

As the next savage blow fell, he fell. Abandoned to the wounding asphalt, and unable to flee, he now reeled in pain.

Usually, his big brother (2 years his senior) had always miraculously appeared before a blow was landed. But not today.

So sadly, this frail and meek waif was scheduled for regular schoolyard torment. Both his weight and facial features, so familiar to ridicule. Violence being the consistent end result of this ridicule.

Pink broken skin again, and more bruised, painful shins. Yet this wounded gentle heart and spirit, seared with a far deeper pain than his body.

Behind them an uncharacteristically deep voice surprisingly resounds. His attackers instantly stunned into stillness. This was not his brother's voice but his father's.

Simultaneously broad strong forearms reach out. For these attackers, both the opportunity for flight and fight now gone.

Arms of strength secure his son. Arms of justice defend his son. Arms of love passionately protect his son.

Our Father in heaven has arms that reach from heaven. Arms to defend and rescue His children on earth. He doesn't even need an invitation; He just shows up.

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