The Sleep of Health

Soul Snack 8/48 ... The Sleep of Health

The inviting comfort of fresh warm sheets and a soft bed 'drew' him deeply under the covers.

Outside, rain furiously whipped impregnable window panes and bricks. Secure in bed, he knew this house would not yield to any external onslaught tonight.

In his safe semi-comatose state, sleep drifted kindly across his weary body. A body significantly wearied beyond his years.

As peace rolled over his spirit and soul, he tasted a small breath of eternity.

Tomorrow he would awaken refreshed, even mildly enthusiastic about the coming day. Repetitious boredom so often his lot.

Yet tomorrow too he would recall with delight the heavenly gift of good rest.

Across the decades many delights had passed his way. He rarely sought them now. He knew greater ones, for the previous joys had proved transitory and shallow.

Each night now as his head slumped without care into the pillow, his mind turned to desires now awake. Desires that a cluttered day never permitted.

No longer consumed by the carnal and the corrupt, these desires, these joys were most healthy as they would now 'transport' him to heaven.

I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far ... Phil 1:23

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