Eternal Health

Soul Snack 8/53 ... Eternal Health.


A tiny capsule is embedded deep within each one of us. This capsule has imprinted boldly on it - P, P being for 'praise'. This capsule is for our health. We must have affirmation for our well being. This capsule is good. It is God implanted. (I guess it is part of being made in His image.)

This desire however now drives our speech, our thinking, and our actions.

"How can I leverage this conversation for my benefit?"

"How can I turn this chat towards me?"

"How can I make myself look good?"

"It's all about me", cries my spirit and soul in unison.

Even unconsciously these desires still promote us to others. The spiritually alert will recognize these desires. The spiritually mature will focus them.

This healthy desire for praise is only well met, when delivered to He who created all desires, and still rules them today.

There are many ways to gain praise and many places to receive praise from. However, only one person, one place delivers eternal health. Seeking His praise alone is all that will ever matter.

' ... for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.' Jn 12:43

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