Escape to God

Soul Snack 8/56 ... Escape to God.

An elderly Moses and an eternal God meet yet again. The long-suffering Moses approaches an even longer-suffering God.

In Moses' absence, an impatient Israel had made a golden calf and worshiped it. On this discovery an exceedingly angry Moses ascends Sinai again to find God, his friend.

Moses' place of refuge is with He who is refuge. Moses' distress and anger had led him to (appropriately) escape to God. An utterly exhausted and frustrated Moses seeks God's presence.

This is no hurried meeting or time-tabled appointment. God has placed no boundaries on this meeting; He will not leave. He will not be preoccupied. He will not be interrupted; Moses has God's total attention and presence. God will not answer His mobile phone, order a Pizza or surf His cable TV; Moses has God's undivided attention because he has God's undivided love.

In fact, Moses has God's attention for 40 days. During this time, Moses is revived. Curiously, Moses is revived through neither eating nor drinking for those 40 days. In God's presence I do not need the things of this earth.

Moses returns down the mountain not gory from 40 days of fasting, but shining with glory, from 40 days of Presence.

Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights withouteating bread or drinking water ... when Moses came down fromMount Sinai, he wasnot aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD. ( Ex 34:28-29)

In God's presence. He was enlivened not shrunken, his spirit energised not enervated, and his body revived not retired.

Escaping to God enlivens Moses. Sitting in God's presence, he had become like God. He had received glory too brilliant to see.

I become like those I 'hang around with'. A radiant Moses simply reflected the radiant God, whose constant presence he had enjoyed uninterrupted for 40 days.

When I lie down with dogs, I get up with fleas; when I rest in stillness with God I arise with His shine.

Escape to God today, glow again!