Cosmic Honor

Soul Snack 93 ... Cosmic Honor

'His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.' Eph 3:10

The hosts of heaven hang in ignorance.

Languishing among stars (surprisingly) are misinformed 'other' rulers.

Scattered throughout the canopy that is darkness surrounding our Earth are uninformed heavenly decision makers.

Rulers and authorities we don't know, also don't know!

God has created a teacher. He has formed a tool for instruction. He has created an earthly classroom, for cosmic rulers to attend. It is His church. They watch us and learn from us. We show the heavens, God!

Even those where God resides do not know His ways. He visited Earth and was not received. He lives in heaven and His neighbours do not understand Him.

His desire is still to be known. He spoke to Earth in His Word, so that the Earth could live by His Word. Then the Earth would speak in return to the heavens.

His Word, His wisdom is so freely available on Earth. Through His church it is now spoken back to Heaven. His wisdom is deliberately available to the heavenlies, for them to see. His intent is to be known across all corridors of creation, all the recesses of time.

God's people on God's Earth, instruct God's creation off Earth.

Those who rule the heavenlies are in fact less informed about correct spiritual realities (God's wisdom), than those who do not rule on earth.

We look to the heavenlies for correct spiritual understanding while they are really looking to us. The heavens clamour to observe and learn.

Compassion, grace, slowness to anger, abundant love and faithfulness, forgiveness and punishment are all witnessed by the heavenly rulers. They long for redemption.

My behaviour as a member of His church, not only precedes me into eternity, but reaches now into the heavenlies.

Who am I that should teach heavenly rulers about God's wisdom?

God has chosen me to carry His wisdom to those I can't and don't know.

How much stronger is the imperative for Christ honouring behaviour?

How unsearchable is this cosmic honor?