The Stadium of Scorn - C

Soul Snack 141/10 ...The Stadium of Scorn - Part C

Secured with a previously unknown delight, by the hand of the Man of Sorrows, the Boy of Sorrows now trusted himself to smile. As he smiled he pondered over the newly formed tears, that lightly caressed the cheeks of his first ever friend. These tears of heaven would soon muddy the dust of earth.

The Man of Sorrows was not tearful because of His own previous rejection. His sorrow was from knowing every fibre of pain that the poor waif felt, lived with and would yet still receive. The Man of Sorrows perfectly grasped the sorrow of the Boy of Sorrows. Now, the Boy of Sorrows also perfectly grasped the Man of Sorrows.

Smitten by the Man of Sorrows, the boy was captured in a grace he did not even know of. Yet his smile became a beam, despite the heartfelt sadness at his new friends tears.

From the Man of Sorrows the waif received refreshment and repair.

Each day the Boy of Sorrows would venture into his Stadium Of Scorn - he had to, to fetch the water.

Each day he would receive compounding ill-will from the brutal boys.

Each day he would return to his hovel, to this unseemly gentleman with a constantly outstretched arm.

Each day the Man of Sorrows would always be there for the Boy of Sorrows.

Each day this waif could now smile and lighten his load. Now the Boy of Sorrows not only knew he had a friend but was also worthy of friendship. That cantankerous soul bellowed no more.

I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt (Jer31:4a)