Babylon Disengaged

Soul Snack 228/13 ... Babylon Disengaged!

Seek the world's welfare but don't become entangled it.

This was God's sage counsel to His people through the prophet Jeremiah, while they lived in exile in Babylon. (See Jeremiah 29:4-14)

God's people to this very day still live in exile and still live in Babylon. They have no choice in it.

BUT the earth is no more a Christian's home than heaven can be satan's.

Come out of her (Babylon), my people, so that you will not share in her sins... and judgements - (Rev 18:4)

If like the Jews in exile, our lives are so integrated into the present world systems, if when God exacts judgement for our benefit we will not respond with the hallelujah chorus, we too will fall with it.(anon)

Any world system that draws us away from praising the living God and delighting in His presence must be torn away from us.

What world systems (Babylon) hold your attention at the expense of your faith?

Bend your knees, ask Him and God will both open your eyes and strengthen your heart.

It may be difficult to leave Babylon behind, but it is a far more difficult to live without God.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Ritual looks particularly attractive on a bright sunday morning." ~ quote from SoulSupply's 1st book - GREAT MERCY - coming very soon.

ENJOY Babylonian Faith ~ B

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